As anyone might guess, West Bucktown is just west of Bucktown proper. Western Avenue divides the two communities. West Bucktown runs from North to Fullerton west of Western.  Neighborhood experts might say that the closer the address is to Western, the more valuable it is (since east of Western there would command a higher price).  Streets like Talman, Washtenaw, Maplewood, etc. has been a hotbed of developer activity for new construction since land prices are generally lower than sister addresses to the east.

West of West Bucktown is Humboldt Park, the "next rehabber's frontier!"

You may also want to check out for information on the exciting, new bike trail in the works that would be 3 miles long from Ashland to Ridgeway (from Bucktown through West Bucktown to Humboldt Park) along the defunct train tracks 13 feet above ground at about 1800 North.

An example of a recent sale in West Bucktown is:

1714 North Maplewood (a nearly new construction single-family house)         $565,000