There many sub-neighborhoods within Ravenswood, such as Ravenswood Manor (where Illinois Governor Blagoevich lives), the Southeast Ravenswood Historic District (on the National Register of Historic Places), Ravenswood Gardens (just east of the "Manor" on the east side of the Chicago River) and Ravenswood River's Edge (whose statistics have their own section in this website). The community appeals to urban dwellers looking for a little more land and a little more of a relaxed atmosphere. For example, the historic district is full of large Victorian houses with larger-than-standard Chicago lots. Remember that the standard Chicago lot is only 25 feet wide by 125 feet long.

Despite the homey feel of this community, don't be fooled. There's lots of sophistication here, both in the beautiful renovations of the homes and the upscale restaurants. There may not be as many good restaurants as in Lincoln Park but there are plenty of good ones. What some Ravenswood dwellers really value too is that there are still affordable rentals and "hole-in-the-wall" eateries worth visiting.