The hub of Lincoln Square is Lincoln Avenue itself, from Montrose to Lawrence ( 4400 to 4800 North).  Just a few of the old-fashioned storefronts still exist on this lively shopping strip. These old-timers rest side-by-side with a charming apothecary, upscale French pastry shop-restaurant and the new, small, high-end restaurants on Lincoln south of Montrose too.  The New York Times even wrote up this restaurant row in 2004!

The housing stock is very similar to Ravenswood. Not as many big lot Victorians but lots of gorgeous greystone two flats and vintage brick and frame structures. Pride of ownership has always abounded in Lincoln Square for many decades. The residential district runs from Montrose to just north of Lawrence (4400 to approximately 5000 North) and from Ravenswood to Western (1800 to 2400 West).

Why don't you grab a beer here at their annual Oktoberfest!