Here are samples of recent sales in Lincoln Park. This is a big community, probably the most well-known in Chicago. It has housing of every sort: high-rise and low-rise, vintage (older, such as built from 1890 to 1930) and new construction, affordable (though that is debatable!) and very costly.  Various organizations place Lincoln Park's boundaries in varying locations but let's generalize them as North Avenue to Diversey (1600 to 2800 North) and Lake Michigan to Racine (1200 West all the way east as far as you can go there).  Halsted Street, Armitage Avenue and the "Clybourn Corridor" are popular shopping strips. There are lots of popular bars and restaurants throughout.

             *  1648 N. Burling, B                            Sale Price $605,000
             *  2707 N. Lincoln Ave, R                      Sale Price $455,000